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 Underwater Photography "Swim with Dolphins" trip to Mozambique

Andrew Woodburn of Wild Woodburn Photography in conjunction with YOGA WARRIOR will once again be leading their now legendary Dolphin encounter, dolphin swimming and yoga tour to southern mozambique , Ponta Mamoli. Please see the yoga warrior site for all details about the dolphin encounter weekend in May 2011 and "swim with dolphins" booking requirements. This will now be the 7th time this "swimmimg with dolphins" tour has been to Mozambique and each time it has been over subscribed so reserve your place as soon as possible.

While this tour is multidisciplinary, underwater photographers actually have an unbelievable opportunity to capture a broad range of imagery covering under water free diving photos, dolphin photos, snorkeling , scuba diving underwater photography, horse riding, yoga, and sundowners on the highest dune in southern mozambique. Andrew Woodburn accompanies all launches for swimming with wild bottlenose dolphins as guide and photo instructor and as usual promotes a workshop approach. Under water Photographers can ask for particular guidance and then try out their new knowledge before reviewing their results and re-attempting the skills the next day or dive. Being the very end of turtle breeding season there may even be the opportunity of finding baby turtles going for broke to enter the sea at sunrise. Many guests have really enjoyed strolling the beach at at sunrise looking for turtle hatchlings the products of large loggerhead turtles and leatherback turtles which had gone through the enormous endurance event of digging the nest, laying their eggs, covering the nest with a mothers care and heading back to the warm indian ocean weeks before.

For normal dolphin enthusiasts this a awesome dolphin encounter programme with additional yoga opportunities to really get in touch with your soul. The dolphin swimming is done according to international dolphin encounter guidelines , promoting a no touch and no harresment approach allowing snorkellers to get clear vision of voluntary dolphins who come up close to inspect them. For those swimmers who just want to stay on the boat this also the perfect opportunity to go out to sea in a safe and controlled manner and see the bottlenose dolphins surfing the front of the boat an arms length away.

dolphin pod swimming past girl copyright A Woodburn

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