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 Swim with dolphins, Diving and Photographing Wild Dolphins underwater

Swimming with dolphins and Diving with Wild dolphins can be an exhilarating dolphin encounter or down right frustrating. These fascinating marine mammals move at the speed of light (in water obviously) and can disappear in an instant. Trying to keep up with a pod of dolphins while pushing an underwater camera housing is exhausting to say the least so when a good dolphin encounter occurs it's a rare moment to be savored and etched onto your memory. Luckily enough I have been able to swim with these bottle nose dolphin and common dolphin a few times in my life as well as having seen humpback and spinner dolphin from the surface. The best dolphin experiences have without doubt been off South African coast and Mozambique.

photo of swimming with dolphins copyright Andrew Woodburn
dolphin diving copyright Andrew Woodburn
dolphin swimming encounter copyright Andrew Woodburn underwater with dolphins by
freed diving with wild dolphins underwater copyright Andrew Woodburn
dolphin swimming underwater, copyright Andrew Woodburn

 Underwater Photos with Wild Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins and more: October 26-29 2006

The yoga photo trip run by Yoga Warrior to Ponta Mamoli was a trip from heaven. Due to work pressures and also the focus on taking my photography to the next level I have been scarce in the underwater photographic environment. The trip was threatened by weather on day one but with some positive attitude the boat launched only to find a pod of dolphins surfing waves on the point. New snorkellers and old hands enjoyed the interaction for over 40 minutes and allowed big smiles to return to the beach for a hearty sailors breakfast. To read Yoga Warriors review Click here

photo of bottlenose dolphins copyright Andrew Woodburn  dolphin under swimmer copyright andrew woodburn

For those underwater photogrphers who didn't join us I'm afraid you missed a beauty with rare and unique photographic opportunities from underwater work with dolphins and reefs to horses on the beach.

Photo of dolphin swimming encounter copyright Andrew Woodburn

The dolphin encounter safari was a resounding success and I even got to swim and photograph a humpback whale and calf. The following image is taken out of a series of six consecutive images showing the pair resting and then as they floated closer to me how the mother slowly dived in order to inspect me closer and then the calf joined her and slowly they circled round me before slowly drifting off into the blue. We spotted the same pair over the next three days.

mother humpback whale under whale calf by andrew woodburn

Photographers dived on Ponto Mamoli's spectacular reefs in 40m viz with rebreather and cameras ranging from underwater point and shoot housings to top end Nikon D200 Sea&Sea underwater Housings.

dolphin diving copyright Andrew Woodburn

Should you be interested in underwater photographic courses or safaris with a difference call or email Andrew as the next photo workshop will be in the first quarter of 2007

Scuba diving with Bass at ponto mamoli mozambique copyright Andrew Woodburn

click the link to : Yogawarrior dolphin trip where you can see details for the next dolphin swimming and underwater photo trip.


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