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 Dolphin Photos and dolphin swims at Ponto Mamoli 2008

Swimming under water or on the surface with Dolphins on the YOGA WARRIOR dolphin yoga retreat was unbelievable. All three days resulted in pods of wild bottlenose dolphins being found and allowing us to enjoy awesome under water dolphin encounters. All the guests on the yoga retreat were able to either enjoy swimming with dolphins in the water and for those who declined the oceans invitations, dolphin viewing from the boat.

Some of the wannabee dolphin swimmers were actually return guests who had either enjoyed dolphin swims before or were too nervous and now wanted to give it a go. These swimmers were not disappointed by the bottle nose dolphins.
We launched off the steep beach every morning and even had beautiful mist before sunrise one morning.

Photo of dolphin boat launch off mamoli beach mozambique, Andrew Woodburn

Numzane the dolphin dog (over energized Jack Russel) acompanied us in search of his friends the dolphins and would bark excitedly through the surf and when we found them. 
Gently lowering off the boat into the clear water is always a brilliant experience and seeing the dolphins come over to investigate and then interact with you makes a lifetime impact. Their smiling faces and gentle approach with curiousity and interst are amazing. They will sometimes just pass by or if you are lucky, stay,  twirling around you and watching as you free dive down into the ocean. Sometimes I can tell their frustration as they lift seaweed and wonder why these humans dont play their game of seaweed tag. Being able to hold your breath and dive under water helps but often just relaxing on the surface brings these wonderful dolphins right up to you for a closer look.

On this trip we saw baby dolphins sheltering under their mothers as well as being lucky enough to swim with around 100 dolphins in 4 meters of water with 30m of visibility, on the Sunday morning. Go all the way to the bottom of the page to see the gallery of images taken underwater with dolphins. Each image will display for 10 seconds.

dolphin Pod & clara photo copyright Andrew Woodburn

photo of swimming with dolphins in mozambique copyright A Woodburn

Swimming with dolphins is a life changing experience, dolphins look you in the eye with innocent curiosity and gentle interest. It's definately something everyone should experience. Its an experience for the whole family.

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