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 Wild Yoga photography of Yoga Poses in awesome environments

Andrew is South Africa's leading Yoga Photographer as he actually understands the poses and technical details of YOGA. This is important for yoga photography due to the fact that when yoga practitioners see yoga photos in magazines they immediately asses the technical merits of the yoga pose. Should the pose be incorrect or out of alignment then this undermines a magazines integrity or advertisers product straight away. Due to the rapid rise of yoga in our society more and more editors or brand owners are wanting to use this sort of imagery in their brand communication but don't actually understand the background and relevance of displaying the YOGA poses correctly. Even if the model does yoga, and andrew has photographed numerous yoga instructors , they still can't see themselves in the yoga pose and hence think they are delivering a good yoga position. Wild Woodburn Photography has many yoga and lifestyle photos for use and can provide yoga models and images for commercial use. Wild Yoga photography is a special challenge as it needs to inspire as well as present difficult yoga poses in a technically correct way. Finding interesting and unique opportunities is difficult and many times the platform on which to perform a difficult yoga pose is challenging on its own. Thanks to Clara ( for endless education on yoga positions and their technical delivery as well as performing these poses in the cold and wind during failing light on uneven surfaces.

These Yoga photos have been taken in order to present yoga as an integrated experience with the environment. Each YOGA pose for a yoga photo needs to have correct alignment and presentation rather than just getting any model to try and imitate a pose. Some poses have been transformed for artistic presentation. Photographing yoga is always fun as passersby show an interest and usually a crowd may gather, alternately if the poses are in the wild the elements can be testing. Often the yogini has to deal with fluctuating wind trying to change the balance of the pose and a photographer, who just wants "one more photo" even when the yoga move is difficult and tiring.  

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